A reliable route for delivering bulk text messages to both DND and non-DND numbers on Nigerian Mobile Network.

~ we enjoy the goodwill of 500+ satisfied customers and counting.

Here is how UDT Route works....,

Recently, there has been restriction on the delivery of Bulk SMSes to certain numbers. UDT Route effectively bypasses such restriction to deliver bulk text messages to all Nigerian Mobile Network.

Simply put, UDT Route works by sim hosting technology.

We hosted series of registered sims on our server, so that when you send your messages through our web interface or API channels, the messages are automatically routed through our hosted sims.

Our hosted sims then simulate the regular unrestricted phone to phone SMSing to deliver the text messages to all the specified numbers (regardless of their DND Statuses!)

The messages sent via UDT Route delivers with a GSM number as sender ID.

No More Disappointment!

No more stories !

We know it can be very embarassing trying to explain failed delivery to your Bulk SMS clients, or anticipated recepients. With UDT Route...

... None of your members or intended recepients will ever complain of not receiving your text!. Not Anymore!.

We carefully route every SINGLE SMS sent from our platform through the best available channel, so we can be certain they all delivers promptly.

Why we developed UDT Route ...,

UDT Route is a reliable SMS solution targeted for delivering important messages to contact lists, friends, members of organization or religious bodies, client lists etc.

UDT Route was developed to serve as an effective DND bypass for the delivery of important messages.

DND was introduced by the NCC as a way to protect users from recieving unsolicited Messages, but unfortunately several subscribers where placed on the list without their consent. This prevents them from receiving important messages and notifications from groups they belong to.

Our main motivation behind UDT Route development is to restore our user's confidence that ALL their intended recipients recieves the Bulk SMSes they send.


Good Sending Rates

The Standard SMS sending rate for UDT Route is 120-200 SMS/min. For high volume task, our system can be expanded to deliver at a over 1000 SMS/min.

Zero Setup Time.

No complex protocol or setting-up process or fees are required. Simply create an account and you are good to start sending SMSes right away.

No monthly rental charges

Completely free! As long as you have SMS units on your account, you can always send your SMSes.

More sending options to choose from..

Your account can be configured to send via any of the following routes.

  • UDT Only Route.
  • UDT + Normal SMS Route.
  • Normal SMS Only Route

Ready to send Interface

For web users, there is no need to login. Simply type in your message, specifiy your Pcode and send!

Customizable Sender GSM number

If you wish to send your messages via your preferred GSM number, register and send us the sim card of interest for dedicated hosting on our server.

Reliable Bulk SMS Delivery at a friendly price …

N2000 / 500 SMS (One month Validity)  

N8000 / 2500 SMS (One month Validity)  

N14000 / 5000 SMS (One month Validity)  

Bank Deposit/ Transfer is accepted. For payment information, pls call O8O9O749257 or email sms [at] ufumes.com


... More Options, more Control & more Values for your money!

You can specify your preferred Bulk SMS Routes...

Basic UDT Route

If your account is placed on this route, all the bulk sms you send will be routed through the UDT Route.

Messages delivers to both DND and non DND numbers.

Messages delivers with GSM number as sender Name.

This Route is only available to verified users and strictly for solicited messages.

Smart UDT Route

Smart UDT Route implements a smart filtering algorithm to selectively deliver messages sent to DND numbers through the UDT Route.

Messages to non DND numbers are delivered through the normal Bulk SMS Route that permits customized Sender Name.

Messages delivers with both gsm number and customized names depending on the recipient's DND status.

Available to only verified users and strictly for solicited messages.

Normal Bulk SMS Route

This Route is the regular Bulk SMS Route. Messages sent through this route DO NOT DELIVER to DND numbers.

Our filtering algorithm identifies the DND numbers and refund your account for messages sent to DND numbers.

Messages delivers with customized sender name.

This Route does not require verification of user's identity and can be used for advertisement or promotional campaigns.

Terms of Use.

By Registering for our Bulk SMS service, you are agreeing to the following Terms.

1. You are solely responsible for any message that is sent through your account and will be held responsible for any issue that results from it.

2. We have zero tolerance to sending of SPAM/FRAUDULENT SMS.  API users should direct only traffics from verified and trusted users.

3. We only permit our server sims to be used for sending solicited and legitimate messages to known and familiar persons. [We might need to establish such familiarity by requesting that your intended recipients specifically opts-in to your Bulk SMS contact list].

4. If you wish to run an advert, marketing or political campaign to unfamiliar persons, you have to supply us with your own sim card(s) for dedicated hosting at our server at no additional cost. As such messages which you send from your account will be routed through your own sim card.

5. Bulk sms website owner who wish to plug in our api for all their clients will need to provide us with sim cards that messages from their website will be routed through.

After account creation, we will need to verify your identity before we link your account to the UDT Route. You will need to forward a snapshot of your  ID card (govt issued one) to our whatsapp (O8O9O749257) or email (sms [at] ufumes.com).

Finally, a breach of the 2nd, 3rd and 4th term of service will result in instant termination of account, forfeiture of remaining balance and user will bear any resulting issue arising from it.

Getting Started ...


Create an account via http://ufs.pw/new/ .

On account creation you will receive a secret PCODE which you will use to send Bulk SMS later.

NB: Pls read terms before creating account.


Send a Govt Issued ID card to us via sms [at] ufumes.com or to our whatsapp on O8O9O749257


Contact us on O8O9O749257, to request for account details. See pricing



Send SMS via our web inteface or API Channel

SEND Bulk SMS Now!

ufs bulk sms user interface snapshot

Simple and Basic interface...,

Yet, Its Highly Reliable to always get the Job done!,

Login is not REQUIRED for sending Bulk SMS via our web inteface.

Simply type in your message, specify recepient and Sender ID, then input your PCODE and GSM Number and Send!!!

Accessing UDT Route via Developer's API .

API Access to UDT Route is only available to registered and verified users. Pls follow the steps outlined above.


Replace the EMAIL1 with your user emailaddress. (GET/POST request  variable = username)

Replace the PASS1 with your password. (GET/POST request variable = password)

A sample response for a successful request is "OK: 344"


Replace EMAIL1 with your user emailaddress. (GET/POST request  variable = username)

Replace PASS1 with your password. (GET/POST request variable = password)

Replace MESSAGE1 with your Message  (GET/POST request  variable = message)

Replace GSMNUMBER1 with your recipients  (GET/POST request  variable = numbers)

Replace SENDER1 with your Sender ID  (GET/POST request  variable = senderid)

A sample response for a successful request is "OK: 344"

A sample response for a failed request is "ERR:Invalid password or Username"


Replace the EMAIL1 with your user email address. (GET/POST request  variable = username)

Replace the PASS1 with your password. (GET/POST request variable = password)

Replace MESSAGE1 with the message ID returned after sending the message   (GET/POSTrequest variable = smsserverid))

Be sure to URL encode the request if you are sending via a GET command.

If you have any question or need further clarification, don’t hesitate to contact us.